Upon arrival to Hawaii

Once arriving at the Kona airport we had to make a 3 hour trek to the opposite side of the island. We met up with Tasha and Wes at a hostel that was on the way to the hostel that we would stay at first. The drive to volcano hostel, although long, had breathtaking views. The curvy roads provided a great ocean view on one side and many lush green pastures on the other. It was serene and the awesome views couldn’t be fully captured even with photographs. Once arriving to the hostel we got settled in and started to do some exploring. One of the first days we went to the farmers market and to little shops along the road. There was an abundance of fresh fruit at the market and we all bought some and shared with each other. After the farmers market we headed over to rainbow falls which was incredible. The sights are a true testament to Gods awesome creative power.  After, we spent a day at the beach meeting with a family of Calvin Alum who happen to be living on the island. We learned about life on the island as well as cool things to do at the beach. Some highlights included hiking up aa lava and jumping off a ledge into the ocean, as well as seeing a giant see turtle. It was gorgeous there.

On Tuesday we spent most of the day traveling  around volcano national park. It stretched as far as the eye could see with lava flows that had cooled and hardened. Walking through the lava tubes and seeing the glowing at night were definitely some of the highlights.

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