First Days in Hawaii

Getting to Hawaii was quite the adventure! Even though we spent a night in Chicago and LA we eventually made it to the big island! The warm dense air was Hawaii’s way of saying aloha. After getting our rental vehicles we headed for kona to pick up our two fellow classmates and headed for Hilo. The Volcano hostel has been quite the adventure it is literally surrounded by the wilderness. Everything is damp but the sounds of roosters in the morning and the frogs at night make it an incredible experience. Getting to experience the local farmers’ market was a great way to learn about the local fruits and veggies of Hawaii. I found myself trying fruits that I have  never seen before, my favorite was probably the Papaya. After getting some fresh fruit we got to experience the rainbow falls from top to bottom not to mention one of the coolest trees I’ve ever seen! We also got to spend some time on the beach with uncle Y.B. and his family,  where we learned about Hawaii’s diverse ecosystems and also where we went cliff jumping and got to sea a huge sea turtle up close and personal! Today we traveled to Kilauea volcano, a place like nothing I have ever seen or experienced in my life thus far. From terrain filled of lava rock meeting the crashing waves of the pacific, to magnificent orange fluorescent lighting steaming from the volcano itself cemented a memory that will last a lifetime!

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