A Day at the Algood’s Homestead

This morning we had the privilege of visiting Algood Living where we met Holly and Eila Algood. They introduced us to a variety of ways to make an ordinary life more sustainable through means of construction, wind and solar power, and planting trees. Their home and other buildings on their beautiful 35 acre land are constructed using renewed and natural materials. Their installation is made of extra denim as opposed to harmful fiber glass. Their walls are coated with a clay-like mixture that helps keep the place cool. They use aquaponics to raise fish that help keep the food fresh. The food, such as spinach, that is grown is then fed to the chickens who produce eggs that are sold to neighbors in the community or exchanged for other goods. Although their wind turbine was down at the time, we were able to see their new greenhouse in mid-construction. They are looking to grow seedlings in the greenhouse to then plant them on their property with the goal of bringing more rain and helping restore the foliage that had previously been destroyed. Holly and Eila have already done an immense amount of work to improve the sustainability of their own living and I can only imagine that their goals of becoming even more sustainable will be reached in the near future.


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