Horse Riding through the Grassy Knoll

After a delicious lunch, we headed to Kahua Ranch. Upon arrival we were instructed on the proper way to ride a horse. Our group had a few semi experienced riders. However, many of us had little experience with riding such mighty beasts. We were each assigned a horse and settled onto our horses’ saddle. It was a bit of a hot mess to start out due to our lack of experience and necessary adjustments to our horses individual personalities. Once we were comfortable and settled we began our journey into the grassy knolls. We attempted to ride single file, which proved to be an occasional challenge.

As our horses walked and/or trotted through the fields one could not help but have their breath taken away by the marvelous scenery. It was truly breathtaking. We were surrounded by rolling hills covered in bright green lush grass. Horseback riding proved to be an extraordinary opportunity to experience nature while riding a strong and beautiful creature of God. Yes there were times of panic when the horses would not follow commands, but the experience as a whole was remarkable.



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