Place of Refuge: Snorkeling and Swimming with Dolphins! Holllaaaa

On January 17th our Ohana (family) took a trip to the Place of Refuge, a National Historic  Park of Hawaii and a well known snorkeling spot. Because the surf was up, the waves were extremely strong and the sand was pretty agitated so we were not able to clearly see many fish. However, this slight disappointed was long forgotten when we discovered that there was a pack of wild dolphins swimming in the area and that we were allowed to swim closely amongst them. Not gonna lie, I felt like a little kid a Christmas; I was that excited.  The pack circled us as we swam coming as close a 3 to 4 feet. At one point I was able to swim alongside one for a little while; probably the highlight of my trip.  While we were out swimming with the dolphins, the waves had grown much stronger and the “two-step” rock where we had jumped in was extremely hard to climb out of. With the help of a couple strangers we all managed to get out without being dashed to pieces by the rocks. A couple other swimmers had emerged pretty bloody and we all felt pretty fortunate to have remained relatively unscathed.






After this we walked over to the Place of Refuge exhibit where they had traditional Hawaiian houses and statues and we climbed out on the rocks to watch the waves. A very much quality day spent with some quality individuals 🙂  -Tasha

Photocreds to Joy and Mitch

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