The art of the landscapes

The most beautiful part of Hawaii is that nearly anywhere you travel there is a spectacular view of mountains or beaches.  Since arriving in Maui the atmosphere is noticeably different than the big island.  It seems like a more common tourist destination here; however, the view is still great.  From the front porch of our hostel we have a clear view of the lush green mountain sides.  Yesterday we went to Iao Needle which is a sort of icon for Maui.  The views were spectacular and like most places here, the true majesty of them cannot be captured in a picture.  Our group spent time taking dozens of pictures of the mountains and the valleys.  After reading some of the history of the area we hiked through trails in the woods and explored along the rivers that flow through the area.

Last night a small group of us went out  and toured the island for a nice beach to sit on and view the stars.  It is incredible to be away from the light pollution of the cities and just look up and see the sky peppered with white stars, all while listening to the ocean waves crashing onto the shore.  

The natural landscapes here are a true testament to God’s power!

photo 2photo 3photo 1


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