Preserving the Culture

Aloha! Hawaii is known for its immeasurable natural beauty, but what makes this place amazing is the variety of people from all walks of life.  The chain of islands draws people from all around the world because of its awesome climates, huge waves, and rich culture.  Since being in the State I have encountered Europeans, Canadians,  American mainlanders, South Americans and of course the Native Hawaiians.  The main influence on Hawaiian culture is various Asian countries such as Thailand, China, Korea, and Japan.  Everywhere I go I see plenty of restaurants serving the cuisines of these countries.  Another factor that determines Hawaiian culture is the plants that have been introduced to the area.  There are many fruits and other plants that are indicative of the culture such as pineapple, guava, passion fruit, dragon fruit, and especially taro.  The taro plant grows an edible root that after being processed is known as poi which became a staple of the Native Hawaiians.  The group had the opportunity to try poi, however due to the bland and starchy nature of the food it was not a crowd favourite.  Although we didn’t enjoy eating poi, it became a symbol for traditional Hawaiian culture.  We learned about the ahupua’a style of farming, in which taro plants were vital in sustaining the population.  As the state of Hawaii moves forward into planning for the future, it must do so in a way that culture is preserved so that generations to come will appreciate their rich history.

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