Farmers Market at Kapiolani Community College

P1030758    P1030756

The KCC Farmer’s Market was much different from the first farmer’s market in Hilo.  The idea was still the same in that all food was grown and produced on the Hawaiian islands.  However, there were many vendors who sold hot foods and fresh drinks.  It was less about produce and more about meals.  This was enjoyable for many of us, because w love to try new foods!  Fruits and vegetables were commonly sold, but this farmer’s market consisted of restaurants and culinary schools making and selling foods right on the spot.  One of my favorite places in particular was a vegan vendor who gave out every sample of every food and all of the food was creatively made from animal-free products!  In addition to food, there were a few environmental conscious vendors and clothing vendors.  These were interesting too, but I was very fascinated by all the amount of food vendors creating amazing foods from local ingredients!  It was a community of people working towards food sustainability.

P1030763    P1030762

– Briella


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