Hilo Farmers Market

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The Hilo Farmer’s Market was a beautiful market full of color.  There was a variety of fruits and some vegetables. Avocados were the size of softballs and bananas half the size of normal bananas.  In order to understand the origin of each fruit we had to ask the vendors questions such as the names of the fruits, where they came from, and how they were grown. Majority of the produce was local and grown on smaller farms which made these fruits more sustainable. We all bought and tried new fruits that we are unable to get in Michigan. One of these in particular was a rambutan which resembled a grape on the inside, but had a red spiky outer shell.  In addition to fruits and other native foods, many of the vendors sold art, jewelry, Hawaiian oils, clothing, wood carvings, etc. Each vendor was excited to talk about their products and we were all excited to learn more about Hawaiian culture!

– Briella

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