Surfing at Waikiki

Somehow we all managed to leave the hostel at 6:30 am to walk to our surfing lesson at 7:00 am. Our three instructors met us and gave out water shoes and rash guards to each of us. We started out on the land and did stretches.

1544942_666815573364243_41927019_nThey then separated us into three groups of four, four, and three. While still on land, the first group got onto the surfboards and were taught how to lay, sit, and stand on board. Then the first group was taken out into the water to surf, while the second group stayed close to shore and practiced, and the third group stayed on the land. From there, each group got about 30 minutes to surf with the instructors. When my group went we strapped the ankle strap on, laid on our stomachs, and paddled out to the instructors. The instructors would hold our boards and wait for a good wave to come. When a good wave would come they would give us a push and tell us to paddle. You were then supposed to get on your knees, then your feet, and stand up.

1531783_666814333364367_135253924_nStanding up while surfing was slightly tricky, it required some balance. After riding the wave for what felt like an average of 6 seconds, we would either fall or sit back down on our boards and slowly paddle back to the instructors and repeat. The paddle back was a workout on the arms, at least for me, I was a little sore the next day. The soreness was worth it, surfing was a blast. We all were able to stand up on the boards and surf. I hope I’m able to go surfing again someday.

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