Hiking Diamond Head

It seemed like we waited until the end of our trip to get all of our exercise in. No issues for me, since I’m the master procrastinator.

We started our hike with a brisk pace that very soon after turned into a heaving stroll. It turned out not many of us were as in shape as we thought (or wish to be) but we weren’t quitting! Up, up, up, stop for some scenic pictures, up, up, and we reached the top! The view of Honolulu was breathtaking from atop the mountain. When I’m up that high, I remember how small we all actually are. The shoreline was visible for miles and the high risers that we had recently walked by seemed like Lego structures.

IMG_394 IMG_396 IMG_397 IMG_392 IMG_391

Unfortunately, we planned on breakfast after the hike so some of us were pretty hungry once we got to the top. But, having that hunger made the trek down the mountain go much faster, and eating later made breakfast all the more delicious!


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