Most people would agree that Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places this planet. Since we’ve been here, the views from atop mountains, inside lava tubes, and among the waters have been the most breathtaking we’ve seen. The flowers and the plants of Hawaii provide the foundation of the thousands of colors that can be seen. Even the smaller creatures, such as the chameleons and geckos, showed a different perspective of the nature of Hawaii. The detail of their scales is absolutely incredible!

IMG_16 IMG_30 IMG_60 IMG_93 IMG_110 IMG_133 IMG_139 IMG_161 IMG_184 IMG_195 IMG_213 IMG_202 IMG_236 IMG_194

God’s great earth had so much beauty and complexity. I could go on and on about how much I adore His creation. The plants, animals, even the water show signs of God’s magnificent power. Nature can be as beautiful as a sunset, as adorable as a bunny rabbit, as magnificent as the volcano, or as powerful as the waves of the sea.

While I am no experienced photographer, I think some of the pictures I took reflect the beauty of nature in Hawaii. I hope these pictures can show you a bit of the wondrous sights that we saw and had the opportunity to take in.


P.S. On  different note… The only way to understand the title of this post is to watch this video. It is only a taste of one of the many inside jokes of our trip 🙂

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