Our Ohana

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This blog is for all the wonderful people that I spent two weeks with. I cannot believe that we were only with each other for two weeks. It is feels like that we have known each other for at least a semester. Everybody looks so different after I got to know you guys better.

Start with Morgan. Thanks so much for sitting with me and not disliking and avoiding me with the danger of being puked on (when I had eaten too much). One of your most memorable stories for me is your “o mygarlde” series. Don’t worry; I am still practicing and slowly improving. Thanks for all the self-pictures we took; hopefully, I will be in your memory forever! Furthermore, upload all the pictures because you are so slow!

Lauren! You are my hope! The bar, the night club, the wine, the beer, are all in our future plan. We definitely need time alone away from all little kids in our interim group and enjoy some adult-only time. Now I know, whenever I want to do something that is “not good” in my other little friends’ view, I always have an accomplice with me!

Michelle, I am so sorry that you didn’t get a cute Hawaii guy plan. But don’t give up! What you maybe can do is, whenever professor Koetje goes to Hawaii, just let him collect the cute guys’ pictures and contact their information for you, but make sure you guys have a same taste about cute boys.  And thank you for standing guard when I had to go off into the woods.

Blala, I still cannot even think about burgers anymore; they make me want to throw up……thank you so much, now I am finally saying goodbye to all the meat except seafood. You are such an inspirational person, the short hair, the tattoo, the eating habits. However, I love all the changes I made under your inspiration. Life is short, so just do it!

Kara, you are almost one of the most interesting person I have ever met in my life. I do not know what I can say to you. One thing is that I am so regret that I miss the moment you put your neck on the back of the seat. I like how you are so curious and always ask good questions, and how Blala and Tasha become “idiots” due to your theory.

Tasha! My Chinese buddy; I like how we miss China together during the trip! Like how you’re patriotic towards Asia, proud to be an Asian! Remember our tea party! I have all kinds of good Chinese snakes that I got from China; my snake drawer is open to you forever!

Stevie, thanks for your brilliant idea so I did not puke on the floor. You saved all girls who lived in our room in Annie’s place. You are the witness of my Hawaii love story with my six-year-old little friend. And thank you so much for messaging my Prince Charming.

Joy, you are the first person I talked to in this trip. And thank you so much for encouraging me to make friends with everybody on our trip. You are the most ridiculous girl when I saw you go snorkeling in the ocean without both life jacket and swimming skill! However, you added so much fun in our trip, like the game Contact!

Mitchell, are you ready for next semester, for all the work you have to do? Are you planning studying hard? The answer must be yes, and remember you will invest in my invention after I graduate as an engineer. And be a good friend and do not ask too much in return.

Austin, I am still trying really hard to get you to be the best Ping-Pong player, so don’t worry. And do not try to be the humpback whale, stay straight.

Wesley, I was so disappointed after you failed your Sumo-size saimin challenge. But that is ok, I understand between good food and not throwing up, you chose not throwing up. To be honest, you made a good decision.  I should know.

Last but not least, Professor Koetje, you are such a weird professor! Like I say, I am so glad I am not a biology major. Because I will have a hard time to be a serious student in your class after this interim. And thanks for all the hard work you did to make this trip so enjoyable.


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